Episode 8 – Our Unusual Educations, and Audio Comments

Tzvi and I both had uncommon primary school educations. He attended a series of private schools, while I was homeschooled. We talk briefly about our experiences, which derails into general denouncements of the American education system. Then Tzvi talks about some SciFi nonsense where internet comments are replaced with short audio clips. It’s interesting stuff.

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Tzvi will be traveling this week, which may prevent us from recording Episode 9 on schedule. But we’ll try to make it happen.

Episode 7: Projects We’ve Abandoned

Tzvi and I discuss projects that we’ve abandoned. Ideas that we were once dedicated to that will never be fully realized. Tzvi’s got a website that’s good for the soul, and a half-finished novel about little Jewish boys. LS has a website without any clear focus, a tabletop game based on old Zelda titles, and a story that nobody liked.

An episode edited with a light hand. There are many more “likes” and “ums” left in than usual, but the process took a mere 5 hours. And now you can listen to the episode a mere day after it was recorded! Lucky you.

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Episode 6: Mellow Talk with Metal Gear Solid and The Gord

True to his word, Nick tries to talk about something he loves this week by discussing Metal Gear Solid. In retrospect, it may have been more interesting if Tzvi was more familiar with the series. Then, Tzvi discusses how he shamelessly earned second-hand Internet points off of The Gord, and we share our memories of the old Internet classic.

A very mellow episode.

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Episode 5: Cowboy Bebop is awesome, and Final Fantasy 7 sucks

Preamble about hosting: So, it turns out that a Free Soundcloud account only allows you to upload 3 hours of audio, and a pro soundcloud account only allows you to upload 6 hours of audio. You’ve gotta go super double pro before they give you an unlimited amount of upload space. Which really seems like the bare minimum you’d need in order to do a podcast.

And while Tzvi and I might want to do that someday (because the Soundcloud player & community are pretty awesome), neither of us yet feels confident enough in the future of this project to put money down for it. So we’re going to be investigating our options. For now, Episode 5 is uploaded to my D&D blog server. Hopefully this stopgap will work until we can find a better solution.

Episode 5: Tzvi loves Cowboy Bebop. Like, really, loves it. Loves it so much that LS feels a little inadequate about it. Fortunately, Tzvi also has a lot of interesting things to say about it. So interesting that LS reevaluates his life. Then LS talks about how much he loves Final Fantasy 7 for awhile, before describing why it’s an incredibly shitty game.

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Episode 4: Christmas from the outside, and losing the Star Wars EU

It’s Christmas time, and as an Atheist and a Rabbi, we’re both somewhat on the outside of that holiday. We discuss our relationship to it, and how little it actually has to do with Hanukkah. Then we move into a discussion of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and those things we love and hate which are no longer canon. Includes a surprisingly coherent completely improvised top 5 list.

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Episode 3: Will Ferrell, The Nature of Art, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Delayed first by the Jewish high holy days, and then by Fallout 4, episode 3 is finally here. We attempt to discuss Will Ferrell movies, but we fail and end up accidentally having an argument about the nature of art. Then we discuss the first season of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and how both of us liked and didn’t like it.

Episode 3 – Will Ferrell, The Nature of Art, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Episode 2: Wind Waker Sucks, and No Man’s Sky is Gonna Suck

Much improved since Episode 1. LS unloads all of his hatred for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. And Kilovh is worried that procedural generation will never be able to create the kind of interesting environment that No Man’s Sky will need in order to be engaging.

We should probably make an episode about something other than video games.

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Episode 1: The availability of historical periods in video games, and Community (Alternate title: “The Learning Experience”)

Kilovh is worried that we’re running out of fresh historical periods to set video games in, and LS really likes community. This is a bad episode.

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Episode 0: What if we made a podcast?

Kilovh: I kind of want to try podcasting.
LS: Me too.
Kilovh: Wanna do a duo? I could be a good straight man.
LS: Yes.
Kilovh: Okay, it’s settled

20 minutes after this conversation over Steam chat we were testing various ways of recording audio. Then I took the recorded audio and edited it into something that vaguely resembles entertainment.

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