Episode 12 – Hong Kong and Final Fantasy 6

We had two weeks of silence and it’s all Tzvi’s fault, I swear. I was all “c’mon, lets record.” and he was like “no wai man, it’s way too Hong Kong up in this bitch for that.”


So Tzvi is in Hong Kong right now, so we talk a bit about that. Then, spurred on by the screenshots below, we talk about the majesty of Final Fantasy 6; and lament the tragedy that is its Steam release.

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The offending screenshots:

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot


Episode 9 – Pizza and Monikers

Kilovh is back from New York, and he’s got a lot to say about pizza. Dude waxes poetic about junkfood, it’s nuts. Then we talk about our names, and hopefully clear up any confusion about why we both seem to have more than one. At over an hour and twenty minutes it’s the longest episode we’ve done so far, with plenty of juicy tangents, and a lot of really dumb stuff taken way too seriously.

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BONUS: During the podcast Kilovh convinced me to try putting Sriracha on my pizza, so I did it while I was editing.

LS eating pizza while he edits


Kilov with an H

Episode 8 – Our Unusual Educations, and Audio Comments

Tzvi and I both had uncommon primary school educations. He attended a series of private schools, while I was homeschooled. We talk briefly about our experiences, which derails into general denouncements of the American education system. Then Tzvi talks about some SciFi nonsense where internet comments are replaced with short audio clips. It’s interesting stuff.

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Tzvi will be traveling this week, which may prevent us from recording Episode 9 on schedule. But we’ll try to make it happen.

Episode 7: Projects We’ve Abandoned

Tzvi and I discuss projects that we’ve abandoned. Ideas that we were once dedicated to that will never be fully realized. Tzvi’s got a website that’s good for the soul, and a half-finished novel about little Jewish boys. LS has a website without any clear focus, a tabletop game based on old Zelda titles, and a story that nobody liked.

An episode edited with a light hand. There are many more “likes” and “ums” left in than usual, but the process took a mere 5 hours. And now you can listen to the episode a mere day after it was recorded! Lucky you.

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Episode 0: What if we made a podcast?

Kilovh: I kind of want to try podcasting.
LS: Me too.
Kilovh: Wanna do a duo? I could be a good straight man.
LS: Yes.
Kilovh: Okay, it’s settled

20 minutes after this conversation over Steam chat we were testing various ways of recording audio. Then I took the recorded audio and edited it into something that vaguely resembles entertainment.

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