The Podcast

Dumb Stuff Taken Seriously is a podcast where two losers with unkempt beards take themselves way more seriously than they have any right to. Mostly over a bunch of really stupid stuff.

Tzvi and Nick have never met in person, but have been close friends since before either of them could even grow a beard. On most serious matters, they are vehemently opposed to one another. Which is why their entire friendship is built on the rock-solid foundation of a shared interest in video games and fantasy books.

It’s two dudes talking about nerd junk for an hour and a half. By which I mean it’s the single most original creative work ever uploaded to the Internet.

Tzvi Kilov

Tzvi Kilov“The Rabbi” is the lazy one, who doesn’t edit the podcast or the site and merely shows up once a week to speak words of pure genius. Any grateful soul who knows humility will agree that this is more than enough.

Tzvi is a name that comes from Hebrew. It means “deer.” It reflects his natural poise and grace, especially in situations when he must speak to the heathen and reveal their deep ignorance, first about Cowboy Bebop, and then about everything else.

Growing up playing lots of video games and dreaming of computer science, he totally derailed his life by studying theology instead of engineering as originally intended, which, as any Jew will tell you, was hard on his Jewish parents. But he turned out okay! He writes and has middling-expensive headphones.

Tzvi is actually a crotchety curmudgeon, and if it doesn’t come through in the podcast it’s because he has a sentimental weakness for certain bearded atheists…

Nick LS Whelan

photoofnlsw1“The Atheist” is the one who actually does all the hard work around here. Seriously, he edits the dang thing, maintains the website, and even has to write his own biography like some kind of knuckle-dragging plebeian.

Nick’s life is a classic rags-to-dirtier-rags story. When he was growing up, everyone assumed Nick would work with computers, because Nick obsessively said that’s what he planned to do. Then some things happened, which somehow resulted in Nick’s decision to major in philosophy and literature. After the completely predictable failure of that pursuit, Nick dropped out of college and began pursuing a lackluster career as a writer and tabletop designer. Because Nick is a stupid person who makes bad choices. And yet after all of that, he still manages to delude himself into thinking that he’s probably better than you.

Nick provides DSTS with all the pedantry, profanity, and bile that Tzvi lacks.