Episode 13 – Stationery, Pens, and Post-Academic Education

In the longest episode to date, Tzvi and I discover that we have a surprisingly large amount to say about pens and papers. Honestly this whole project continually baffles me with which topics really draw passion out of the two of us. Pens and paper? For real? Why? I’m a little annoyed with us, actually.

Once that’s done we talk about the experience of seeking out new avenues of learning after our formal education ends. And somehow this totally interesting topic manages to produce a less interesting discussion than the fucking paper and pens one did.

Listen to Episode 13 – Stationary, Pens, and Post-Academic Education


Here is Nick’s big collection of 6-squares-per-inch graph paper.

Beautiful 6x6 Graph Paper

And for those of you who can’t picture wtf Tzvi means by “Dot Matrix Notebook,” here’s the screenshot he sends me halfway through the episode:

Dot Matrix Notebook Paper

Also, here’s a link to that Twitter account we mentioned: @DColacho

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