Episode 37 – Nintendo at E3 & The Matrix

Tzvi wants to talk about how he thinks Nintendo stole the show at E3, and I repeatedly distract him from that. Then, I talk about a thing that I completely cut out of the podcast, because I could not listen to myself say “um” or “like” that many times. And I figure if I can’t listen to it, you probably can’t either.

Fortunately, after we were done with the podcast, Tzvi and I spent a big chunk of time talking about The Matrix, which he’s only just seen for the first time, and I think our conversation on that was actually pretty interesting. Plus then we gossip about an old friend, which I also think came out kinda interesting.

Episode 37 – Nintendo at E3 & The Matrix

Funny story: I couldn’t find a good place to cut this episode off. So it just kinda…ends. But near the end of the RAW audio, Tzvi and I get to talking about Neal Stephenson. Tzvi has this whole extended explanation of how he none of his books have endings, and how he doesn’t believe in endings. It would have been an interesting anecdote to end the episode on, except I would have needed to include 10 extra minutes of audio just for it to make sense, which wasn’t worth it.

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