Episode 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

After I complain about my computer mouse woes for 15+ minutes, we finally get down to talking about how annoying it is when people talk about their current level of faith in humanity on the Internet. Then I rapidly tell a super boring story about my personal history with the Legend of Zelda franchise of video games. Yeah, we get into some REAL Dumb Stuff this week. Strap yourself in, kids.

Probably the best episode we’ve ever recorded.

Ep 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

4 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story”

  1. I’m gonna take Nick’s view on the whether humans are essentially good or evil but from a fundamentally religious perspective and pose a question to Tzvi: don’t you think that humans don’t have a nature either way but that essentially we have choice? That is what would seem to me to be the perspective of Judaism – that our essence IS our volition rather than a tendency left or right.

    1. Absolutely not. Under my understanding of Judaism man’s basic nature is to behave like an instinctual and selfish animal. To overcome that tendency requires will and work and applied intelligence. You don’t work on it, you tend toward myopia and eventually evil. The essence of man in Judaism is actually a Godly soul which is inherently good. That essence normally has no bearing on day-to-day activity and requires work to reveal.

  2. Right – this is all true. I guess what I was trying to get at was the idea that neither nature nor essence (which you distinguish between) must necessarily have any bearing on what moral ideals a person chooses to believe in, even though the animal nature influences behavior under regular circumstances and the G-dly essence can emerge under challenging circumstances or as a result of “will and work and applied intelligence”, as you so aptly put it.
    On the other hand, now that I consider it, according to Chassidus it is indeed the G-dly essence that directs the core volition of the person… because who you are is most essentially G-dly so what you choose is automatically the G-dly choice, the good. It’s just that we don’t experience challenge at the level of our volition in daily life.

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