Episode 5: Cowboy Bebop is awesome, and Final Fantasy 7 sucks

Preamble about hosting: So, it turns out that a Free Soundcloud account only allows you to upload 3 hours of audio, and a pro soundcloud account only allows you to upload 6 hours of audio. You’ve gotta go super double pro before they give you an unlimited amount of upload space. Which really seems like the bare minimum you’d need in order to do a podcast.

And while Tzvi and I might want to do that someday (because the Soundcloud player & community are pretty awesome), neither of us yet feels confident enough in the future of this project to put money down for it. So we’re going to be investigating our options. For now, Episode 5 is uploaded to my D&D blog server. Hopefully this stopgap will work until we can find a better solution.

Episode 5: Tzvi loves Cowboy Bebop. Like, really, loves it. Loves it so much that LS feels a little inadequate about it. Fortunately, Tzvi also has a lot of interesting things to say about it. So interesting that LS reevaluates his life. Then LS talks about how much he loves Final Fantasy 7 for awhile, before describing why it’s an incredibly shitty game.

Listen to Episode 5: Cowboy Bebop is awesome, and Final Fantasy 7 sucks. 

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