Episode 21 – Embarrassing Stories & MGS4

Tzvi convinced me to share embarrassing stories. I dig deep, and bare some unforgivable shit. Tzvi talks about eating too much, because he’s a Sex in the City character. Then I rant about how disappointed I am in Metal Gear Solid 4, because this is a podcast about dumb stuff.

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Also, hey, Tzvi and I wrote a D&D adventure. By which I mean, I wrote a D&D adventure. Tzvi has never played D&D. But he did provide the impetus for this module, so it felt appropriate to credit him.

Episode 20 – Religious Arguments and Social Media

This past weekend Tzvi heard some youths having a discussion about religion, and it made him get all like


And since we were already getting crotchety about how much we dislike the younger generations, we decided to also complain about how social media is bad and dumb and things were better in the olden days.

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The forum where Tzvi and I sometimes hang out is called Zelda Cavern.


Episode 19 – Fantasy Books and Magic Systems

Passover has ended, and Tzvi and I are able to find time to record once again! I do miss our weekly chats when he’s got some Jewish high holy day to attend to. Anyway, this week Tzvi really wanted to talk about his favorite fantasy novels, which we did. And because it seemed do dovetail nicely, we also took up a long-delayed discussion about magic systems, and what makes a good one.

Tzvi, of course, is much more widely read than I am, but I think we had a pretty enjoyable, if prolix, discussion.

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