Episode 16 – Flash Games and Star Trek

Tzvi and I talked for about 4 and a half hours last night. We made sure to record the least interesting hour of it.

We started out talking about flash games and other little-known vidja game titles, which Tzvi and I both share fond memories of. And SOME of us (not naming any names here) were apparently playing those games while we recorded, which is why there’s so many clicking sounds stuck in the recording. Then we tried to talk about Star Trek, but that devolved into a big genre discussion about the philosophical styles of SciFi compared to those of Fantasy. It’s a fun episode. We make a good podcast.

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Karoshi: Suicide Salesman

The N-Game


All the other games by the Winterbells Lady


Dolphin Olympics

Hidden in Plain Sight

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Desktop Tower Defense

Cursor *10




Episode 15 – Alcohol and Hotline Miami

Tzvi likes it when people get drunk around him, even though he himself doesn’t usually enjoy alcohol. The Neo Assyrians are better than the Persians. LS really really really loves the Hotline Miami games. More than Tzvi is comfortable with.

An episode that is a little more trim than what we’ve been doing lately. Probably for the better. Gonna try doing more of this, I think.

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Episode 14 – Trump & Shakespeare

We have failed in our Dumb Stuff Mandate, and we owe you an apology for that.

This is a short episode, because it’s not actually an episode, which is why you’re getting it mid-week. These are two tangents from episode 13 which were long enough to stitch together into a 30 minute episode.

Herein you will be able to listen to an uneducated clod and a dumbass as they try to parse U.S. politics. But then we talk about literature for a little bit, which is a little more of our ballpark, even if it’s still not dumb stuff.

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Episode 13 – Stationery, Pens, and Post-Academic Education

In the longest episode to date, Tzvi and I discover that we have a surprisingly large amount to say about pens and papers. Honestly this whole project continually baffles me with which topics really draw passion out of the two of us. Pens and paper? For real? Why? I’m a little annoyed with us, actually.

Once that’s done we talk about the experience of seeking out new avenues of learning after our formal education ends. And somehow this totally interesting topic manages to produce a less interesting discussion than the fucking paper and pens one did.

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Here is Nick’s big collection of 6-squares-per-inch graph paper.

Beautiful 6x6 Graph Paper

And for those of you who can’t picture wtf Tzvi means by “Dot Matrix Notebook,” here’s the screenshot he sends me halfway through the episode:

Dot Matrix Notebook Paper

Also, here’s a link to that Twitter account we mentioned: @DColacho

Jungle Radio

Lets be real for a second: I’m not the hook for this show. An outspoken atheist on the Internet is not a rare commodity. It’s the Rabbi that sells this shit.

Well the Rabbi has apparently been doing his own podcast behind my back. It’s vastly different than the dumb stuff we cover here, and it assumes the listener has some significant knowledge of…Jew-stuff. None the less, I found both episodes intellectually stimulating despite having nothing more than a surface knowledge of Jewish practices. If you enjoy the dulcet tones of Tzvi, then maybe you’ll enjoy these as much as I did:

Episode 12 – Hong Kong and Final Fantasy 6

We had two weeks of silence and it’s all Tzvi’s fault, I swear. I was all “c’mon, lets record.” and he was like “no wai man, it’s way too Hong Kong up in this bitch for that.”


So Tzvi is in Hong Kong right now, so we talk a bit about that. Then, spurred on by the screenshots below, we talk about the majesty of Final Fantasy 6; and lament the tragedy that is its Steam release.

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The offending screenshots:

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot

Horrible Steam FF6 Screenshot