Episode 32 – Friggin’ Politics

We went dormant there for awhile. We’ve got about a dozen different excuses (only half of which are good, I won’t lie) but the important thing is that we’re back to work with a new episode about the dumbest stuff there is: the political fallout of this past November 8th, and the election of Donald Trump.

Obviously we’re making a liar out of our “discussing trivial things” mandate. But I think Tzvi and I both benefited from having a reason to sit down and talk about this after the emotional trial of seeing a reality TV star become the head of state.

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Episode 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

After I complain about my computer mouse woes for 15+ minutes, we finally get down to talking about how annoying it is when people talk about their current level of faith in humanity on the Internet. Then I rapidly tell a super boring story about my personal history with the Legend of Zelda franchise of video games. Yeah, we get into some REAL Dumb Stuff this week. Strap yourself in, kids.

Probably the best episode we’ve ever recorded.

Ep 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

Episode 24 – Materialism, Competitive Play, & Other Things

Its been awhile, not just since we’ve uploaded a podcast, but since Tzvi and I have even spoken to one another. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so there’s a lot of interesting tangents in this episode. We cover everything from recent happenings in our lives, to the early history of the church, to ideological labels.

My main topic is the fact that I’m undergoing a bit of a transitional period where I’m becoming less materialistic, which Tzvi finds almost antithetical to my character. Tzvi, meanwhile, discusses the way that competitive multiplayer games give us opportunities to grow as a moral being.

It’s a dynamite episode.

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Episode 23 – The Loudness War, and Childhood Projects

Tavi makes an oblique point about how the Loudness War (which is some kinda music thing) is a metaphor for life. Then I brag about how cool I am for creating a comic book when I was 10 years old.

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Episode 20 – Religious Arguments and Social Media

This past weekend Tzvi heard some youths having a discussion about religion, and it made him get all like


And since we were already getting crotchety about how much we dislike the younger generations, we decided to also complain about how social media is bad and dumb and things were better in the olden days.

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The forum where Tzvi and I sometimes hang out is called Zelda Cavern.


Episode 14 – Trump & Shakespeare

We have failed in our Dumb Stuff Mandate, and we owe you an apology for that.

This is a short episode, because it’s not actually an episode, which is why you’re getting it mid-week. These are two tangents from episode 13 which were long enough to stitch together into a 30 minute episode.

Herein you will be able to listen to an uneducated clod and a dumbass as they try to parse U.S. politics. But then we talk about literature for a little bit, which is a little more of our ballpark, even if it’s still not dumb stuff.

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Episode 10 – Music Piracy and Fallout New Vegas

Kilovh blatantly ignores the “Dumb Stuff” mandate of our podcast by forcing LS to talk about music piracy. LS is passionate about his radical views on this subject, which makes it a little scary to talk about in a public space. Kilovh is a cruel taskmaster. Ironically, LS mostly keeps his foot out of his mouth until the second topic: Fallout New Vegas. Somehow this utterly benign topic gets a little out of hand, and LS starts shouting about people who have bad wrong fun. Hyperbole abounds in this episode. It’s a weird listen, but hopefully enjoyable.

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Episode 3: Will Ferrell, The Nature of Art, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Delayed first by the Jewish high holy days, and then by Fallout 4, episode 3 is finally here. We attempt to discuss Will Ferrell movies, but we fail and end up accidentally having an argument about the nature of art. Then we discuss the first season of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and how both of us liked and didn’t like it.

Episode 3 – Will Ferrell, The Nature of Art, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt