Episode 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

After I complain about my computer mouse woes for 15+ minutes, we finally get down to talking about how annoying it is when people talk about their current level of faith in humanity on the Internet. Then I rapidly tell a super boring story about my personal history with the Legend of Zelda franchise of video games. Yeah, we get into some REAL Dumb Stuff this week. Strap yourself in, kids.

Probably the best episode we’ve ever recorded.

Ep 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

Episode 27: Recommendations, Commitment, and Junk Food

This was a hard one to title. Tzvi has a pattern of experiences in his life where he discovers something, introduces that thing to people, and then loses interest in it while that person becomes completely enamored with it. He ties this in to his feeling that he’s unable to really commit himself to a pursuit, and his worry that this is a major character failing. We get into it, and I mentor him. It’s a very special episode.

Meanwhile I just wanna talk about Potato Chips.

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Episode 26: Traditional Masculinity & Total Rickall

This episode was recorded two weeks ago, but I’ve been procrastinating editing it because I’m a complete piece of shit. Hurray!

Here I wanted to talk about the way I’ve gravitated towards some aspects of traditional masculinity in recent years. The conversation never really got to where I wanted it to go, but I think it wound up being interesting all the same. Then Tzvi wants to talk about cartoons. Because he’s a deep thinker.

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Episode 25: Bleach, and a Crazy Guy Story

I recently started watching the anime “Bleach” again. It’s a relic from my younger days which surprisingly holds up pretty well, save for one problem that I think could be fixed by a fan who has time and dedication that I lack.

Also Tzvi took a car trip with a crazy guy one time.

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Episode 24 – Materialism, Competitive Play, & Other Things

Its been awhile, not just since we’ve uploaded a podcast, but since Tzvi and I have even spoken to one another. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so there’s a lot of interesting tangents in this episode. We cover everything from recent happenings in our lives, to the early history of the church, to ideological labels.

My main topic is the fact that I’m undergoing a bit of a transitional period where I’m becoming less materialistic, which Tzvi finds almost antithetical to my character. Tzvi, meanwhile, discusses the way that competitive multiplayer games give us opportunities to grow as a moral being.

It’s a dynamite episode.

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Episode 23 – The Loudness War, and Childhood Projects

Tavi makes an oblique point about how the Loudness War (which is some kinda music thing) is a metaphor for life. Then I brag about how cool I am for creating a comic book when I was 10 years old.

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Episode 22 – Employment Stories & Art that Effected Our Development

I thought the embarrassing stories segment worked out pretty well last week, so I figured we’d keep the personal stories train moving with some stories from our lives as worker drones in the capitalist machine. Then we talk about books and stuff that had a real impact on us as kids. It’s a fun time.

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Episode 18 – Permadeath & Friendship

Tzvi and I talk about permadeath in games. How it’s implemented, whether it has a positive or negative effect on the games its part of, and how it reflects a different attitude towards gaming than we had in the past. Then we brooch a topic that we’ve been thinking about for a long time: the idea that friends are the family you choose, and the vastly different ways that both of us have found that idea to be faulty.

This is certainly one of my favorite episodes, I think.

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Episode 15 – Alcohol and Hotline Miami

Tzvi likes it when people get drunk around him, even though he himself doesn’t usually enjoy alcohol. The Neo Assyrians are better than the Persians. LS really really really loves the Hotline Miami games. More than Tzvi is comfortable with.

An episode that is a little more trim than what we’ve been doing lately. Probably for the better. Gonna try doing more of this, I think.

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Episode 13 – Stationery, Pens, and Post-Academic Education

In the longest episode to date, Tzvi and I discover that we have a surprisingly large amount to say about pens and papers. Honestly this whole project continually baffles me with which topics really draw passion out of the two of us. Pens and paper? For real? Why? I’m a little annoyed with us, actually.

Once that’s done we talk about the experience of seeking out new avenues of learning after our formal education ends. And somehow this totally interesting topic manages to produce a less interesting discussion than the fucking paper and pens one did.

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Here is Nick’s big collection of 6-squares-per-inch graph paper.

Beautiful 6x6 Graph Paper

And for those of you who can’t picture wtf Tzvi means by “Dot Matrix Notebook,” here’s the screenshot he sends me halfway through the episode:

Dot Matrix Notebook Paper

Also, here’s a link to that Twitter account we mentioned: @DColacho