Episode 37 – Nintendo at E3 & The Matrix

Tzvi wants to talk about how he thinks Nintendo stole the show at E3, and I repeatedly distract him from that. Then, I talk about a thing that I completely cut out of the podcast, because I could not listen to myself say “um” or “like” that many times. And I figure if I can’t listen to it, you probably can’t either.

Fortunately, after we were done with the podcast, Tzvi and I spent a big chunk of time talking about The Matrix, which he’s only just seen for the first time, and I think our conversation on that was actually pretty interesting. Plus then we gossip about an old friend, which I also think came out kinda interesting.

Episode 37 – Nintendo at E3 & The Matrix

Funny story: I couldn’t find a good place to cut this episode off. So it just kinda…ends. But near the end of the RAW audio, Tzvi and I get to talking about Neal Stephenson. Tzvi has this whole extended explanation of how he none of his books have endings, and how he doesn’t believe in endings. It would have been an interesting anecdote to end the episode on, except I would have needed to include 10 extra minutes of audio just for it to make sense, which wasn’t worth it.

Episode 26: Traditional Masculinity & Total Rickall

This episode was recorded two weeks ago, but I’ve been procrastinating editing it because I’m a complete piece of shit. Hurray!

Here I wanted to talk about the way I’ve gravitated towards some aspects of traditional masculinity in recent years. The conversation never really got to where I wanted it to go, but I think it wound up being interesting all the same. Then Tzvi wants to talk about cartoons. Because he’s a deep thinker.

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Episode 25: Bleach, and a Crazy Guy Story

I recently started watching the anime “Bleach” again. It’s a relic from my younger days which surprisingly holds up pretty well, save for one problem that I think could be fixed by a fan who has time and dedication that I lack.

Also Tzvi took a car trip with a crazy guy one time.

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Episode 22 – Employment Stories & Art that Effected Our Development

I thought the embarrassing stories segment worked out pretty well last week, so I figured we’d keep the personal stories train moving with some stories from our lives as worker drones in the capitalist machine. Then we talk about books and stuff that had a real impact on us as kids. It’s a fun time.

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Episode 19 – Fantasy Books and Magic Systems

Passover has ended, and Tzvi and I are able to find time to record once again! I do miss our weekly chats when he’s got some Jewish high holy day to attend to. Anyway, this week Tzvi really wanted to talk about his favorite fantasy novels, which we did. And because it seemed do dovetail nicely, we also took up a long-delayed discussion about magic systems, and what makes a good one.

Tzvi, of course, is much more widely read than I am, but I think we had a pretty enjoyable, if prolix, discussion.

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Episode 17 – Atlas Reactor and House M.D.

Atlas Reactor is a new game that isn’t even out of alpha yet. Tzvi and I are both enjoying it immensely and we gush about it a little bit. Although I think we spend the whole episode erroneously calling it “Alpha Reactor.” We’re also both fans of the late great television program “House M.D.,” which we also gush about.

It’s a gushy episode. Wear a raincoat.

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Maybe come play Atlas Reactor with us?

Episode 16 – Flash Games and Star Trek

Tzvi and I talked for about 4 and a half hours last night. We made sure to record the least interesting hour of it.

We started out talking about flash games and other little-known vidja game titles, which Tzvi and I both share fond memories of. And SOME of us (not naming any names here) were apparently playing those games while we recorded, which is why there’s so many clicking sounds stuck in the recording. Then we tried to talk about Star Trek, but that devolved into a big genre discussion about the philosophical styles of SciFi compared to those of Fantasy. It’s a fun episode. We make a good podcast.

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Karoshi: Suicide Salesman

The N-Game


All the other games by the Winterbells Lady


Dolphin Olympics

Hidden in Plain Sight

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Desktop Tower Defense

Cursor *10




Episode 14 – Trump & Shakespeare

We have failed in our Dumb Stuff Mandate, and we owe you an apology for that.

This is a short episode, because it’s not actually an episode, which is why you’re getting it mid-week. These are two tangents from episode 13 which were long enough to stitch together into a 30 minute episode.

Herein you will be able to listen to an uneducated clod and a dumbass as they try to parse U.S. politics. But then we talk about literature for a little bit, which is a little more of our ballpark, even if it’s still not dumb stuff.

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Episode 10 – Music Piracy and Fallout New Vegas

Kilovh blatantly ignores the “Dumb Stuff” mandate of our podcast by forcing LS to talk about music piracy. LS is passionate about his radical views on this subject, which makes it a little scary to talk about in a public space. Kilovh is a cruel taskmaster. Ironically, LS mostly keeps his foot out of his mouth until the second topic: Fallout New Vegas. Somehow this utterly benign topic gets a little out of hand, and LS starts shouting about people who have bad wrong fun. Hyperbole abounds in this episode. It’s a weird listen, but hopefully enjoyable.

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Episode 5: Cowboy Bebop is awesome, and Final Fantasy 7 sucks

Preamble about hosting: So, it turns out that a Free Soundcloud account only allows you to upload 3 hours of audio, and a pro soundcloud account only allows you to upload 6 hours of audio. You’ve gotta go super double pro before they give you an unlimited amount of upload space. Which really seems like the bare minimum you’d need in order to do a podcast.

And while Tzvi and I might want to do that someday (because the Soundcloud player & community are pretty awesome), neither of us yet feels confident enough in the future of this project to put money down for it. So we’re going to be investigating our options. For now, Episode 5 is uploaded to my D&D blog server. Hopefully this stopgap will work until we can find a better solution.

Episode 5: Tzvi loves Cowboy Bebop. Like, really, loves it. Loves it so much that LS feels a little inadequate about it. Fortunately, Tzvi also has a lot of interesting things to say about it. So interesting that LS reevaluates his life. Then LS talks about how much he loves Final Fantasy 7 for awhile, before describing why it’s an incredibly shitty game.

Listen to Episode 5: Cowboy Bebop is awesome, and Final Fantasy 7 sucks.