Episode 27: Recommendations, Commitment, and Junk Food

This was a hard one to title. Tzvi has a pattern of experiences in his life where he discovers something, introduces that thing to people, and then loses interest in it while that person becomes completely enamored with it. He ties this in to his feeling that he’s unable to really commit himself to a pursuit, and his worry that this is a major character failing. We get into it, and I mentor him. It’s a very special episode.

Meanwhile I just wanna talk about Potato Chips.

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Episode 15 – Alcohol and Hotline Miami

Tzvi likes it when people get drunk around him, even though he himself doesn’t usually enjoy alcohol. The Neo Assyrians are better than the Persians. LS really really really loves the Hotline Miami games. More than Tzvi is comfortable with.

An episode that is a little more trim than what we’ve been doing lately. Probably for the better. Gonna try doing more of this, I think.

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Episode 13 – Stationery, Pens, and Post-Academic Education

In the longest episode to date, Tzvi and I discover that we have a surprisingly large amount to say about pens and papers. Honestly this whole project continually baffles me with which topics really draw passion out of the two of us. Pens and paper? For real? Why? I’m a little annoyed with us, actually.

Once that’s done we talk about the experience of seeking out new avenues of learning after our formal education ends. And somehow this totally interesting topic manages to produce a less interesting discussion than the fucking paper and pens one did.

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Here is Nick’s big collection of 6-squares-per-inch graph paper.

Beautiful 6x6 Graph Paper

And for those of you who can’t picture wtf Tzvi means by “Dot Matrix Notebook,” here’s the screenshot he sends me halfway through the episode:

Dot Matrix Notebook Paper

Also, here’s a link to that Twitter account we mentioned: @DColacho

Episode 9 – Pizza and Monikers

Kilovh is back from New York, and he’s got a lot to say about pizza. Dude waxes poetic about junkfood, it’s nuts. Then we talk about our names, and hopefully clear up any confusion about why we both seem to have more than one. At over an hour and twenty minutes it’s the longest episode we’ve done so far, with plenty of juicy tangents, and a lot of really dumb stuff taken way too seriously.

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BONUS: During the podcast Kilovh convinced me to try putting Sriracha on my pizza, so I did it while I was editing.

LS eating pizza while he edits


Kilov with an H

Episode 4: Christmas from the outside, and losing the Star Wars EU

It’s Christmas time, and as an Atheist and a Rabbi, we’re both somewhat on the outside of that holiday. We discuss our relationship to it, and how little it actually has to do with Hanukkah. Then we move into a discussion of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and those things we love and hate which are no longer canon. Includes a surprisingly coherent completely improvised top 5 list.

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