Episode 36 – Online Cults, Upvoting & Downvoting, and The Dank Scale

This one got super rambly towards the end, with Tzvi and I just going off and talking about memes. Because who doesn’t like memes? Plebs, that’s who.

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While editing, I noticed I said Elliot Rogers killed people in 2004. I meant to say 2014. My bad.


HBomberGuy’s YouTube channel.

The MadLads subreddit

New Hampshire state representative founded Redpill subreddit.

Episode 34 – Captain Bible and the Dome of Darkness, & Thriller Novels

This past week I suddenly remembered a video game that has been knocking around in my brain for decades. One that I unabashedly love, despite being completely opposed to its philosophy: “Captain Bible and The Dome of Darkness.” It’s a 1994 DOS game about loving Jesus, and I want to talk to you about it.

Tzvi shows up unprepared and then still manages to have some interesting conversation about thriller novels. Fuckin’ Tzvi.

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Episode 33 – Hard Games & Blizzard’s Ego

I’ve got some weird nebulous point to make about how I’ve become more fond of crazy difficult games as I’ve grown older & busier. Although to be frank, we just kinda meander our way through some enjoyable tangents. Then Tzvi demurs on his promise to talk about Muslim Poetry, to instead rail again Blizzard for their artistic hubris.

A pretty mellow conversation today.
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The ridiculous Final Fantasy nonsense Tzvi and I discuss at the start:


A ridiculous picture of Tzvi I just discovered, and am sharing for no particular reason.


Episode 29 – DOS Games, and Hassid Chess

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about DOS games, and I have a lot of thoughts to express that are only vaguely related. We talk about a whole host of old games, and have a lot of fun with it. Then Tzvi shares some ancient Jewish wisdom with me. It’s a good time.

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A link to the Link to the Past Randomizer.


Hugo’s House of Horrors:

Solar Winds:

Hocus Pocus:

Turns out Jazz Jackrabbit was an Epic Megagames game. Not an Apogee game. My bad.


Chip’s Challenge:



Chopper Commando:

Trash, the RTS:

Torin’s Passage Playthrough:

Episode 21 – Embarrassing Stories & MGS4

Tzvi convinced me to share embarrassing stories. I dig deep, and bare some unforgivable shit. Tzvi talks about eating too much, because he’s a Sex in the City character. Then I rant about how disappointed I am in Metal Gear Solid 4, because this is a podcast about dumb stuff.

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Also, hey, Tzvi and I wrote a D&D adventure. By which I mean, I wrote a D&D adventure. Tzvi has never played D&D. But he did provide the impetus for this module, so it felt appropriate to credit him.