Episode 34 – Captain Bible and the Dome of Darkness, & Thriller Novels

This past week I suddenly remembered a video game that has been knocking around in my brain for decades. One that I unabashedly love, despite being completely opposed to its philosophy: “Captain Bible and The Dome of Darkness.” It’s a 1994 DOS game about loving Jesus, and I want to talk to you about it.

Tzvi shows up unprepared and then still manages to have some interesting conversation about thriller novels. Fuckin’ Tzvi.

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Episode 33 – Hard Games & Blizzard’s Ego

I’ve got some weird nebulous point to make about how I’ve become more fond of crazy difficult games as I’ve grown older & busier. Although to be frank, we just kinda meander our way through some enjoyable tangents. Then Tzvi demurs on his promise to talk about Muslim Poetry, to instead rail again Blizzard for their artistic hubris.

A pretty mellow conversation today.
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The ridiculous Final Fantasy nonsense Tzvi and I discuss at the start:


A ridiculous picture of Tzvi I just discovered, and am sharing for no particular reason.


Episode 32 – Friggin’ Politics

We went dormant there for awhile. We’ve got about a dozen different excuses (only half of which are good, I won’t lie) but the important thing is that we’re back to work with a new episode about the dumbest stuff there is: the political fallout of this past November 8th, and the election of Donald Trump.

Obviously we’re making a liar out of our “discussing trivial things” mandate. But I think Tzvi and I both benefited from having a reason to sit down and talk about this after the emotional trial of seeing a reality TV star become the head of state.

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Episode 31 – Top Ten Vidja Games

As promised last week, Tzvi and I break down our top 10 favorite vidja games of all time. We actually agonized over these decisions quite a bit, and surprisingly there is zero overlap between our two lists. A completely unplanned circumstance, as we did not share our lists prior to recording. Useful, though, as we never had to retread any ground. Lucky you! You get to listen to us talk about a whopping twenty video games in a single episode.

This is the longest episode we’ve ever done by a significant margin, at about an hour and forty five minutes. It seems that no matter how we try, we’re never going to be able to keep the podcast under an hour in length. C’est la vie.

If I may say so, I also think this is among our best episodes. I know listicles are a plague upon the Internet. But once upon a time they were a fun & harmless diversion from more serious fare. We actually put our hearts into this, and I think the results are pretty great!

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Episode 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

After I complain about my computer mouse woes for 15+ minutes, we finally get down to talking about how annoying it is when people talk about their current level of faith in humanity on the Internet. Then I rapidly tell a super boring story about my personal history with the Legend of Zelda franchise of video games. Yeah, we get into some REAL Dumb Stuff this week. Strap yourself in, kids.

Probably the best episode we’ve ever recorded.

Ep 30 – Faith in Humanity and Nick’s Zelda Story

Episode 29 – DOS Games, and Hassid Chess

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about DOS games, and I have a lot of thoughts to express that are only vaguely related. We talk about a whole host of old games, and have a lot of fun with it. Then Tzvi shares some ancient Jewish wisdom with me. It’s a good time.

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A link to the Link to the Past Randomizer.


Hugo’s House of Horrors:

Solar Winds:

Hocus Pocus:

Turns out Jazz Jackrabbit was an Epic Megagames game. Not an Apogee game. My bad.


Chip’s Challenge:



Chopper Commando:

Trash, the RTS:

Torin’s Passage Playthrough:

Episode 28: No Man’s Sky Part Deux and Open World Games in General

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy back in Episode 2, Tzvi and I had a chat about this weird little game called “No Man’s Sky.” Well, the game is out now, people are getting their first looks at it, and it’s time for us to weigh in on what we think. How did our predictions turn out? I dunno, I haven’t listened to the episode yet.

After a bit we transition to discussing open world games in general, how to construct a narrative in an open game, and just how great the Witcher 3 apparently is.

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By the by: I’m aware the site is loading incredibly slowly right now. Blue Host is kinda fuckin’ me at the moment and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Episode 27: Recommendations, Commitment, and Junk Food

This was a hard one to title. Tzvi has a pattern of experiences in his life where he discovers something, introduces that thing to people, and then loses interest in it while that person becomes completely enamored with it. He ties this in to his feeling that he’s unable to really commit himself to a pursuit, and his worry that this is a major character failing. We get into it, and I mentor him. It’s a very special episode.

Meanwhile I just wanna talk about Potato Chips.

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Episode 26: Traditional Masculinity & Total Rickall

This episode was recorded two weeks ago, but I’ve been procrastinating editing it because I’m a complete piece of shit. Hurray!

Here I wanted to talk about the way I’ve gravitated towards some aspects of traditional masculinity in recent years. The conversation never really got to where I wanted it to go, but I think it wound up being interesting all the same. Then Tzvi wants to talk about cartoons. Because he’s a deep thinker.

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